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Camper Models

See our camper models below

Camper Models

See our camper models below

Eureka Camper on Highway in South Dakota

Get-A-Way Camper

Our smallest camper weighing in around 1300 Lbs is perfect for 1 or 2 people and can be towed with a class 2 hitch. This unit can come with all the amenities of the Rambler Camper excluding the shower package.

See the Get-A-Way Camper
Eureka Rambler

Rambler Camper

This is our most popular camper model with an extra 2 feet in length to accommodate the shower package with hot water on demand propane system. This unit comes with all storage space you need for you journeys.

See the Rambler Camper
Eureka Slide Inn

SlideINN Truck Camper

You would be hard pressed to find a less expensive and light weight truck camper. Design to fit almost any pickup truck. This unit comes with or without a cabover extension.

See the SlideINN Truck Camper

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