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How to Select the Right Truck Camper

While camping is a lot of fun for the enthusiasts, the experience can be marred if you don’t have the right equipment for camping. The most important part of any camping experience is the type of truck camper or travel trailer you have. When it comes to buying truck campers, you have to be very careful with your choice because buying the wrong one can be a lot of hassle. Truck campers are mostly suited for short trips but the enthusiasts wouldn’t mind long trips too. If you are a passionate traveler looking at an opportunity of boondocking, hunting in the wild or just enjoying nature, the right truck camper can make your trip more pleasing. So, what are those things you have to look into when buying your first truck camper?

Look at these important points that should help you buy the right truck camper.

You Don’t Have to Tow Anything

The best thing about truck campers is how compact and easy fitting they are on your truck. With a compact sized truck camper that fits right on the bed of your truck, you don’t have anything to tow. To a new traveler it might not seem like a big benefit but long-time travelers know the value of such a camper that does not require towing. When you don’t have anything to tow you can drive with the peace of mind. Maneuvering your vehicle is easy and your entire trip is less prone to accidents and mishaps. Such convenience proves to be even more valuable when you are traveling on rough terrains or maybe off-road. With a slide-in truck camper, you can drive your truck just as you drive it without a camper on its back.

Turns into a Camp Fast

It feels great to have some extra living space on the back of your truck, but when you are parked at a campground, you don’t always want to feel that you are still inside your vehicle. Of course, there are times when you need the truck for other stuff. That’s when you want your truck and camp to be separated. With truck campers this is not a big deal at all. Using the jack poles, your camp separates from your truck and stands its ground. However, it is highly recommended that you practice a few times to load your camper on the truck a few times. You don’t want to be caught up in a bad situation at your destination.

Cab-over and without Cab-over Option

One of the best things with truck campers is that you have a good grip on how much you are going to spend. You have the option to go for cab-over and without cab-over options. Both these campers have their own pros and cons. The camper without the cab-over is considered the conventional camper. It’s more in the form of a box and you have to make adjustments when it comes time to sleep since there is not enough space in it. However, if only 2 or 3 people are traveling, space is not a problem at all. Once again, campers without a cab-over are the easiest to manage when it comes to drivability of your vehicle.

The cab-over options are the bigger options with some part of the camper hanging on the back of the truck as well. They provide more space but you have to spend more money to get that extra space. If you are a family of more than 3 people, the cab-over option is more suitable for you because of spaciousness. However, this is a much heavier option and at times can cost you much higher than a regular without cab-over camper.

Towing Is Available with the Camper

One huge advantage that truck campers offer over full sized travel trailers is the ability for you to tow additional vehicle. With a travel trailer, you cannot tow anything extra because you are already towing your trailer unit. On the other hand, your truck camper is just resting on the back of your truck. This means towing is available even when you have the camper on. If you want to travel with a small sized fifth wheel or a boat, truck camper allows you to pull those extra vehicles. Just make sure that you are not overloading your truck. Even slight overload can be a big problem when you are far away from your house and repair shops.

Storage Is Much Easier When Not Traveling

Even if you are an avid and passionate traveler, you must not travel 365 days a year. There are times when you want to rest at home with your family, and of course, do your daytime job. Having a full sized travel trailer during this non-traveling time can be a big hassle. On the other hand, your truck camper is not a problem at all. If you have a conventional truck camper on your truck, you could just decide to leave it on and travel around.

A Lot Less Maintenance

One of the most painful things for those who own travel trailer and full sized RVs is the maintenance of their fifth wheel. It does not matter that they are un-motorized vehicles, you will still need to spend a lot of time and money on maintaining many of their components. Maintenance of wheels and brakes is one of the most common concerns for those who own full sized RVs. On the other hand, there is nothing of that nature to bother you when you have a truck camper since there is no separate vehicle to be towed. Some maintenance of your camper will be required but it is much less painful and time consuming than that of RVs.

You could keep on going when it comes to the benefits of truck campers. They are the best option for travelers when it comes to fuel consumption. Since truck campers are very lightweight, your vehicle’s engine does not have to eat up the fuel as it would when you are towing a trailer that weighs tons. With these benefits in mind and many more to discover, you should definitely start looking for truck campers today and find the one that fits your budget and truck capacity the best.

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